Home Visits

These are reserved specifically for housebound patients who are too ill to come to the surgery.

We are unable to agree to home visits where transport is an issue for the patient or as a preferred manner of appointment for the patient or relative. It is always preferable for us to see you at the Surgery where we have the correct equiptment and resources to help you.

Our receptionist will take your details for the doctor to decide whether a visit is required, and the duty on-call doctor may phone you back to discuss your symptoms.


Home visits are normally undertaken after morning or afternoon clinics.

Note: It is important that requests for home visits are made before 10.00am to enable the duty on-call doctor to plan the required visits for the day.

Requests received after 10.00am (with the exception of medical emergencies) will normally be left until the next day.


Please do not request a home visit for reasons of transport or personal convenience.

In the case of children, it is normally expected that all ill children will be seen at the surgery where appropriate equipment and facilities are available.

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